Monday, August 16, 2010

Look for today!

My look for today is a 70's, laid back, denim grunge, look. So the main component of this outfit is the extra large denim jacket that used to be my brothers that he never wore.... so i stole it, but he doesn't even notice.  But i made sure that even though i am wearing a denim jacket and denim jeggings i kept the denim different shades to keep me from looking like a Backstreet Boy. Anyway this look is a little more grungier then what you might see me wear, but technically i don't have a specific style. I wear what i want when i feel like it, because i find it hard to keep up an image and a certain look. Also i like so many different styles and trends so it's hard to decide, but kudos to those who can! So, for this look i kept the hair on the grungy side with a boho braid (which are my favorite), thick eyeliner on my top lids, black lace up booties, an ombre, purple, scarf and besides that minimal accessories. Anyway hope you enjoy...... Happy Monday! (jacket is a Hollister, Cats shirt and boots are Forever21, i don't know where the scarf is from, jeans are Abercrombie, necklace is Tiffany and Co.)


Amber said...

The boots and jacket are awesome.

FashionCommitted said...


Anonymous said...

post more pictures of your outfits im loving it. your style is amazing