Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yes.... I am babbling......!

dad let me drive mom didn't
reminds me of a picket fence
the little flower details are on both sides of the straps
Goal #1- i just didnt want to fall over
we ended up letting them go right after
simply amazing
mom's closet find
So today, yesterday, the day before and the day before that i went vacationing with my family! It was really fun cause we did soo many different things. The first day we went to the San Diego Wildpark place.... it was pretty fun, but not really my thing i went cause my sisters wanted to go, but i do have to say i kind of enjoyed it. The the day after that we went to Solvang which is the cutest little Dutch town about 2 hours away from where i live. We just walked around, ate ice cream, road a bike-y thingy, and shopped. They had a ton of little antique and vintage stores(and i happened to loose my favorite keychain in one of them but couldn't find it when i came back.... soo sad... still upset :(..... ) where i happened to find a cute little wool, hand made purse. It's soo cute, as you can see above, and i love all the little details. The same we went to the Ostridge farm cause i really wanted to feed one and to marvel and there strange-ness. Then we stayed at a hotel for one night. The next day i went fishing for the first time in Santa Barbara. It was actually really fun even though i didn't catch any fish, while my 9 year old little sister caught like 4 fish. Then on the way home when there was traffic we stopped at the strawberry farm to pick strawberries which were amazingly gorgeous and ripe! They looked fake and shimmery. Then today we went to Newport beach and went fishing, because i enjoyed it soo much the day before, and swam til i was pruney. And the first reason for writing this post was to show you a leather jacket i found in my moms closet ( one of my favorite places to shop ;P ) and its perfect for Fall. It's a beige, leather jacket from Nordstrom. It has the shape of a leatherman jacket, but the edge from the leather, but it's still subtle because it isn't black but beige, and looks great with jeggings, and vintage band t-shirts. Anyway enjoy this post! Happy Sunday! ( The pictures are in order of events i just mentioned.)