Monday, August 23, 2010

Look for today!

You got to love the little things! You need to appreciate them and allow them to make there way into your lives. When so much can go wrong you know you have something small, yet stable to rely on. Today not much went wrong besides some cancelations, but the little things were able to make there way through. Small thing #1- I wore a classic outfit containing a black and white gingham button down shirt, my favorite khaki shorts, black moccassins (that are falling apart, i wear them soo much), my latest vintage find a.k.a my purse, and minimal accessories. The reason this is considered a lovely "small thing" is because you can always count on the fact that classic pieces will forever remain classic, and you know they look good. So even if you get ready in 10 minutes and throw on a button down and khakis and a messy unwashed ponytail, at least you'll know you're not on the hot mess list (which is non-exsistent i just had no better way of explaining). Small thing #2- Is one most unexpected which makes it even more amazing. I was in the car with my mom running errands when i looked at the car in front of me.... i think the pictures say it all so take a peek at the last 2 picures and you'll see what i mean! So anyway Happy Monday! (shirt is a gift, boots are from Nordstom, purse is vintage, watch is Lucky Brand, glasses are Forever21, and shorts are Abercrombie.)