Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Look for today!

So... today was spectacular! I got to act like i was 5 again and it's all because my beautiful cousins Alison(almost 5) and Madison (2) came for a visit! I love them they're soo cute and hyper and silly. They let me dress them up, teach them to dance, and they covered me and my sisters in stickers. Since today was a chilled, fun day i wore a relaxed shirt and loose shorts and my hair in a ponytail cause Madison likes to pull. Also i kind of mixed the colored metals in my accessories, and i've been told you should stick to one color of metal, but then what fun would that be? And like i've said before "rules were made for breaking." Anyway i hope you like my outfit! (the shirt, shorts, and belt are Abercrombie, the watch is Lucky Brand, the shoes are Bamboo, the gold necklace is my moms(and yes that is me and my brother cause if it were just some random kids that would be weird), and the ring and necklace are Tiffany and Co.)