Thursday, August 19, 2010

Look for today!

So lately i have been exuding comfortability in my looks, and the reason is most likely because it is sooo HOT!!! My room is usually always clean, but it has been so hot i've been to tired to make my bed. So, anyway, besides what i have already mentioned about how comfortable this outfit is it's pretty much a boho look very relaxed and loose. I kinda feel like Nicole Richie. Also the reason for this outfit is that i haven't done any laundry since Vegas so i wore whatever was clean... or semi-clean. I wanted to leave my hair down but it was soo hot it was sticking to my neck so it was a no. And to avoid breaking out i didn't wear any makeup besides shimmery green Urban Decay liner. Lately i have been really into eyeliner cause it makes putting on make-up a snap! Cause it's like having the perfect statement earrings it's an outfit in itself, and that's pretty much why i love liner so much. So i hopee you enjoy all that i have to present! (shirt is Forever21, sweater is Lucky Brand, shorts are ripped and destroyed, literally, by me, and the leather moccasins dont have a brand on them so... i don't know)