Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My look for today!

Stay young........ that's what my mother always told me in every birthday card and when i wanted to buy a bra from Victoria Secrets. Now it's finally clicked not only should i act my age but hey why not dress my age. So many people i know dress as if they are 30 when they're 14 and although i have nothing against the way other people choose to dress at all.... really.... I'm just explaining my style because i feel like im not clear. I believe i have a youthfulness and fun edge to how i dress. I mean im not gonna wear clothes from Gymboree, but I most likely won't be wearing anything way beyond my years because i don't think i could pull it off, but for those who can..... kudos to you! P.S don't pay attention to the scar on my leg in the pictures..... im clumsy. (the romper is from Forever21, boots are Doc Martens, the bag is vintage, the earring is homemade, the big ring if Forever21, the other ring is vintage, and the necklace and ring are Tiffany and Co.)

Falling as hard as ever!

Okay so I'm pretty much yanking leaves off of trees I'm so impatient for fall and there is nothing I can do to speed up mother nature, but i can post Fall styles to get you ready for the season! This is the Christian Dior Fall Couture Collection that i absolutely adore! First of all the colors are great it just gos to show that bright colors are for Fall too. Second of all it's like a Tropical Alice in Wonderland with saran wrap. It is truly brilliant! (pictures from

Party Like a Rockstar.....

Hey so I just got home from a party and I wanted to show my 60's slash Gossip Girl esque outfit! (the dress is Xhilaration, the coat is Old Navy, the shoes are H&M, the headband is Forever 21,the flower ring is from I don't know where, the ring and necklace are Tiffany and Co., and the purse is Coach.) So i know the brands Forever 21, Old Navy, and Xhilaration may not seem like the chicest brands, but hey when i like something I'll buy it. Honestly the brand doesn't effect me, although having expensive, amazing brands don't hurt ;).