Saturday, August 14, 2010

Home sweet home!!

Yay! I just came home from Vegas a few hours ago! It was great we stayed at the Palazzo and i actually didn't do too much shopping (not including all the window shopping), alot of sightseeing, tons of walking, pictures taking, swimming, eating, sleeping, I got to watch the Blue Man Group show which was fantastic, and i went to the Mandalay Bay hotel to see the shark and fish exhibit! Also while i was there i got to pick up on few trends that im interested in! Im really loving the brights for Fall, i love the trench coats from Kate Spade and Juicy Couture, cozy knits from D&G, the great lace up booties from Aldo, and I love the preppy school girl look with tons of button downs, skirts, sweaters, and oxfords from Forever21and Urban Outfitters take on that trend. And as you may already know i have been shopping alot lately for back to school so I didn't do too much shopping in Vegas but I did buy a few things such as......

some nail polish from the biggest Forever21 in the world! The colors i chose were for my double personalities, the turquoise for my edgier fun side, and the pink for my preppy classic side. I got both pairs of shoes from Forever21 which was great cause they're both cheaper takes on some of my favorite Fall trends the oxfords and lace up booties, and lastly the keychain is just something i did in the car. I made 2 lanyards and added my rabbits foot, a Coach keychain, and a friendship bracelet. It's another Fall trend im loving you can see on some on the bags in TeenVogue cause its great for back to school and is a cute playful touch to any backpack or purse. I also went to the Mac store and im planning on buying this lipstick called Hellraiser from there new very glittery fun line. You should definitly check it out on the website it's a great playful color. So anyway I had a great time and I'm gonna go to sleep now cause i am soo tired and i miss my bed! I'll be sure to post tomorrow!