Friday, August 6, 2010

Look for today!

Today was great! Me and Emma got to hang out!!!! We also have a bunch of pics we took in amazing dresses, but I'll probably post them tomorrow cause there are soo many pictures to upload and that gives me so little sleeping time since i am exhausted. Me and Emma went to the Ontario Mills mall, then went to my house and took pictures, then she left and i am now posting! Anyway so my outfit today consisted of a fun, colorful, plaid, highwaisted, flare skirt with a simple tank and a few accessories. Today was a fun, hang out, shopping day but it never hurts to look good! My pictures are a little blurry cause the lighting was off so i couldn't use flash and my little sister took the pictures but im also really into the blurry look because it makes the pictures look more interesting, which i love! This outfit was actually really easy to change in and out of in dressing rooms when we were shopping at the Abercrombie Outlet, Forever21, H&M, and the Betsey Johnson Outlet. So yea! Hope you enjoy ever so much!!! (the tank and belt are Abercrombie, the shoes are my sisters, the brown necklace is Claires, the gold one is vintage, the ring is Forever21, the bag is vintage, and the skirt is Urban Outfitters.)

It's the Golden Rule!!!

Well the Golden Rule is that if you have chosen to follow me (which is great!!!) then let me know in a comment and i will surely return the favor! It's all about helping eachother out!! All love!!!