Sunday, August 15, 2010

Look for today!

My look today was fairly simple and comfortable since all i did was stay glued to my laptop and help my grandma with stuff around her house, but i really wanted to wear these oxfords, so i did. But if i had to label this outfit it would be a minimalist twist outfit. It has that simple classic inspired look on the top, but since it's so hot i paired them with highwaisted jeans and minimal accessories. My hair was simple as well with a my bangs in a boho braid and my hair pulled back into a semi-slick ponytail (which means i ran my fingers through it). And for my makeup besides my regular routine of foundation, mascara, and blush, i added some eye-liner on the top of my lid for an 80's esque look and some nude lip gloss. I really can't wait for Fall I love all the layers, comfy knits, and tights, but until then i hope you enjoyed this look! ( the sweater and shoes are Forever21, the shorts are Abercrombie, the bangle is H&M, the watch is Betsey Johnson, and the ring and necklace are Tiffany and Co.)