Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just some information for all of you!! :)

So I though it might be good to let you all know what you can look forward to from me on our blog! I am really going to try to post some outfits of the day! I need an attachment for my camera so that I can upload pictures to my computer and I just haven't gotten a chance to get it yet! Then I will be posting more pictures!! But besides just posting things about fashion, I am a huge makeup lover so I think I am going to start bringing some of my knowledge of makeup to the blog as well! I will post things about different makeup companies and different products...and other things along those lines! So I hope this just gave you a little idea of the kind of things you will be able to see here soon!! :) Also when Brianne gets back she will post tons more of fashion related stuff as well as I will too!! Because we are a fashion blog! haha :)