Thursday, July 29, 2010

Look for today!

Hey, okay so today i went to the O.C County Fair with my family and i had a good time, and of course i bought some stuff.  bought a bright pink rabbit foot key chain, honey sticks, and i customized my own leather cuff. It was pretty reasonably priced so i didn't spend much at all! Also today i realized that if i could be a any bird i would be a peacock cause they're freakin gorgeous and fierce! I saw a peacock today and nearly died it was so ridiculously long and pretty it should have its own flag! Now i am obsessed with peacock feathers. I also made a leather cuff for like 5 bucks..... not too shabby! I got to imprint on it and stain it the story behind it is about cats, people, and seashells in space! I know its a random bracelet, but i love it! And as always when you go to a fair you eat fair foods like fried onion rings, hot dogs, funnel cake, and for the first time ever.... a fried klondike bar! It was amazing, but im probably gonna have to go running tomorrow. Anyway.... pretty much just check out the fair its soo much funnnn! (the hat is Forever21, the leather cuff and rabbit foot are from the O.C. Fair, the bag was a gift, the shirt is from H&M, the jacket is a hand-me-down,the shorts are an old pair of jeans i cut, the shoes are Minnetonka, the glasses are Forever21, the cross necklace is Lucky Brand, and the necklace and ring are Tiffany and Co.)