Monday, August 2, 2010

Look for today!

My look for today is kinda vintag-y (i don't have very good adjectives). Well mostly because the shirt is my mothers vintage shirt that i took from her closet.... well i think it's vintage, she mentioned something like that (and i don't have very good hearing like most teenagers ;P). Anyway the shirt is a solid color but with a unique texture (as you can see in the picture above) so i paired it with a patterned skirt cause one of my fears in life is that ill start looking drabb..... so two complete different colors all solid in a single outfit is kind of a no no..... for me anyway, but then again no no's and rules were made for braking! If what im typing makes no sense its because i'm kinda out of it today, my apologies. Anyway as i am looking at the picture above i am realizing that my head is a little disproportional from my body.... interesting, and my legs are in an awkward position... oh well. Anyway i hope you enjoy!!!!!! (the shirt is my mom's, the belt and skirt are Forever21, the bracelet is a gift from my sister, the shoes are One Star and my favorite pair of sneakers, and the earrings and glasses are also Forever21.)


BenchesandChandeliers said...

what a charming bracelet!

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FashionCommitted said...

thank you

Beckerman Girls said...

xoThe Beckerman Girls

MT Days & Nights said...

you look fab!

FashionCommitted said...

Thank you!

Carissa said...

that skirt is uberlovely!