Sunday, August 1, 2010

Look for today!

So here is were some of my backround comes in. I am half Indonesian and Chinese... so today me and my family went to the Indonesian Festival in L.A. It was fun but really hot and crowded. But I did get to take a few pics of some of the things I saw most of which were very traditional... okay so stilletos and palm trees aren't very traditional, but they do fit into the whole L.A. vibe, and i just took pictures of stuff i liked, and for the stilletos i just thought it was ridiculous how she wore them to a fair and didn't drop dead. For the cowboy boots, I'm not really a cowboy boots girl, but these were exceptional. So I hope you enjoy! (the dress is Forever21, the charm bracelet is Lucky Brand, the necklace is Anchor Blue, the leather cuff is from the O.C Fair, the necklace and ring are Tiffany and Co., the big ring is Forever21, the purse is vintage Coach, the glasses are from somewhere i don't remember, and same with the shoes.)