Monday, August 9, 2010

1 shirt 2 ways!!

So this post is called 1 shirt 2 ways, obviously. It was perfect because we happened to have bought the exact same shirt, so we decided to use it to our advantage! The shirt is perfect for Fall in California with the rich colors and 3/4 sleeves but its also great for the ending and the rest of summer with shorts. So the first way is Brianne's way in a more casual festival kind of way, with the shorts, which is probably good for the end of summer. The accessories for this look are all earthy in a way and are fun with the charm bracelets and the huge ring. Emma's look is more Fall proof but still casual edgy with the skinny jeans and booties. The accessories for this look are kept more simple but they go perfect with this outfit. So this just goes to show its easy to wear 1 shirt 2 ways. Enjoy! (Brianne- the shirt is Abrcrombie, the shoes are Minnetonka, the shorts are homemade, the hat and the ring are Forever21, the beandea, which is hard to see, is American Eagle, the bracelets are Lucky Brand, and rosary is from I don't remember, but you can find them anywhere ; Emma- the shirt and jeans are Abercrombie, the boots and bracelet are Forever21, the ring is vintage, the watch is Betsey Johnson, the necklace is Brianne's sister's.)
-Brianne & Emma-


fashion junkie said...

You girls are way too cute! I'm new to your blog, and I have to admit, I'm enjoying it!! :)


FashionCommitted said...

Thanks so much!

Carissa said...

cute nail color!!

rouli said...

cool post here!

lovely blog u have!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pls come visit and join:)


FashionCommitted said...

haha thanks you guys!

Teresa said...

Love the plaid with the Minnetonkas!


Beckerman Girls said...

That yellow nail polish is WOWWWZA!!! I've been loving neon polish this summer...
The Beckerman Girls

BenchesandChandeliers said...

cute plaids!

btw check out my giveaway ($100 worth of A'GACI clothes & accessories)!

Margaret said...

such a cute idea :)
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

Jessica said...

Cute! I love seeing how people remix their pieces.

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