Monday, August 23, 2010

Look for today!

You got to love the little things! You need to appreciate them and allow them to make there way into your lives. When so much can go wrong you know you have something small, yet stable to rely on. Today not much went wrong besides some cancelations, but the little things were able to make there way through. Small thing #1- I wore a classic outfit containing a black and white gingham button down shirt, my favorite khaki shorts, black moccassins (that are falling apart, i wear them soo much), my latest vintage find a.k.a my purse, and minimal accessories. The reason this is considered a lovely "small thing" is because you can always count on the fact that classic pieces will forever remain classic, and you know they look good. So even if you get ready in 10 minutes and throw on a button down and khakis and a messy unwashed ponytail, at least you'll know you're not on the hot mess list (which is non-exsistent i just had no better way of explaining). Small thing #2- Is one most unexpected which makes it even more amazing. I was in the car with my mom running errands when i looked at the car in front of me.... i think the pictures say it all so take a peek at the last 2 picures and you'll see what i mean! So anyway Happy Monday! (shirt is a gift, boots are from Nordstom, purse is vintage, watch is Lucky Brand, glasses are Forever21, and shorts are Abercrombie.)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yes.... I am babbling......!

dad let me drive mom didn't
reminds me of a picket fence
the little flower details are on both sides of the straps
Goal #1- i just didnt want to fall over
we ended up letting them go right after
simply amazing
mom's closet find
So today, yesterday, the day before and the day before that i went vacationing with my family! It was really fun cause we did soo many different things. The first day we went to the San Diego Wildpark place.... it was pretty fun, but not really my thing i went cause my sisters wanted to go, but i do have to say i kind of enjoyed it. The the day after that we went to Solvang which is the cutest little Dutch town about 2 hours away from where i live. We just walked around, ate ice cream, road a bike-y thingy, and shopped. They had a ton of little antique and vintage stores(and i happened to loose my favorite keychain in one of them but couldn't find it when i came back.... soo sad... still upset :(..... ) where i happened to find a cute little wool, hand made purse. It's soo cute, as you can see above, and i love all the little details. The same we went to the Ostridge farm cause i really wanted to feed one and to marvel and there strange-ness. Then we stayed at a hotel for one night. The next day i went fishing for the first time in Santa Barbara. It was actually really fun even though i didn't catch any fish, while my 9 year old little sister caught like 4 fish. Then on the way home when there was traffic we stopped at the strawberry farm to pick strawberries which were amazingly gorgeous and ripe! They looked fake and shimmery. Then today we went to Newport beach and went fishing, because i enjoyed it soo much the day before, and swam til i was pruney. And the first reason for writing this post was to show you a leather jacket i found in my moms closet ( one of my favorite places to shop ;P ) and its perfect for Fall. It's a beige, leather jacket from Nordstrom. It has the shape of a leatherman jacket, but the edge from the leather, but it's still subtle because it isn't black but beige, and looks great with jeggings, and vintage band t-shirts. Anyway enjoy this post! Happy Sunday! ( The pictures are in order of events i just mentioned.)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Look for today!!!

Today i am goin on a road trip!!! To Solvang! Which i guess is some Dutch place? I don't know, i've never been. Anyway, this outfit, now that i look at it reminds me of the Proenza Schouler 2010 Fall line, which i love. Anyway were just about to leave and my dad is telling me to get in the car! So I hope you enjoy pondering at this look! (shirt is a hand me down House of Blues shirt, the skirt and belt are Forever21, the shoes are Liliana, and the rings are vintage costume jewelry.)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Look for today!

So lately i have been exuding comfortability in my looks, and the reason is most likely because it is sooo HOT!!! My room is usually always clean, but it has been so hot i've been to tired to make my bed. So, anyway, besides what i have already mentioned about how comfortable this outfit is it's pretty much a boho look very relaxed and loose. I kinda feel like Nicole Richie. Also the reason for this outfit is that i haven't done any laundry since Vegas so i wore whatever was clean... or semi-clean. I wanted to leave my hair down but it was soo hot it was sticking to my neck so it was a no. And to avoid breaking out i didn't wear any makeup besides shimmery green Urban Decay liner. Lately i have been really into eyeliner cause it makes putting on make-up a snap! Cause it's like having the perfect statement earrings it's an outfit in itself, and that's pretty much why i love liner so much. So i hopee you enjoy all that i have to present! (shirt is Forever21, sweater is Lucky Brand, shorts are ripped and destroyed, literally, by me, and the leather moccasins dont have a brand on them so... i don't know)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alice+Olivia princesses! WARNING!! don't ponder!

This is the Ready To Wear Fall 2010 Alice+Olivia collection, and it's wonderful! I absolutely love the flirty embellished minis, comfy sweaters, and this Fall i am definitly leaning toward a girlier more feminine side. I also adore the more masqueline pieces. This collection isn't to be pondered over, it honestly has no overall meaning, or big picture. It's all about throwing clothes on at the last second. It's clothes are for teenage girls who love carefree outfits they know they can pull off. It's a Gossip Girl, princess, Mad Hatter(in a female version), esque collection. It's fun and flirty, as simple as that.


Monday, August 16, 2010


This is just a long to the floor dress the has a really deep sweetheart neckline!
I realized that I haven't really said much before about what I have attached to the fashion world besides just loving clothes! I plan on going to FIDM for collage which is the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising! What I really want to go into is wedding dress design along with formal dress design! So what I have started to do is something called draping. Draping is when you take big pieces of fabric and design pieces of clothing around a dress form (manikin) and then just pinning it! Never having it be sewn! So these are a few things that I have draped, there are more but I didn't want to have to many pictures! All of these dresses are made out of the same piece of fabric! This is a great way just to get the ideas that you have in your head out to see them in real life! You never have to cut or sew anything!

This is a close up on the dress that is above!
This dress again has the deep sweetheart neckline but is short and has the fabric swept over to the side!

This is a long to the floor skirt with a high waist!

Look for today!

My look for today is a 70's, laid back, denim grunge, look. So the main component of this outfit is the extra large denim jacket that used to be my brothers that he never wore.... so i stole it, but he doesn't even notice.  But i made sure that even though i am wearing a denim jacket and denim jeggings i kept the denim different shades to keep me from looking like a Backstreet Boy. Anyway this look is a little more grungier then what you might see me wear, but technically i don't have a specific style. I wear what i want when i feel like it, because i find it hard to keep up an image and a certain look. Also i like so many different styles and trends so it's hard to decide, but kudos to those who can! So, for this look i kept the hair on the grungy side with a boho braid (which are my favorite), thick eyeliner on my top lids, black lace up booties, an ombre, purple, scarf and besides that minimal accessories. Anyway hope you enjoy...... Happy Monday! (jacket is a Hollister, Cats shirt and boots are Forever21, i don't know where the scarf is from, jeans are Abercrombie, necklace is Tiffany and Co.)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Look for today!

My look today was fairly simple and comfortable since all i did was stay glued to my laptop and help my grandma with stuff around her house, but i really wanted to wear these oxfords, so i did. But if i had to label this outfit it would be a minimalist twist outfit. It has that simple classic inspired look on the top, but since it's so hot i paired them with highwaisted jeans and minimal accessories. My hair was simple as well with a my bangs in a boho braid and my hair pulled back into a semi-slick ponytail (which means i ran my fingers through it). And for my makeup besides my regular routine of foundation, mascara, and blush, i added some eye-liner on the top of my lid for an 80's esque look and some nude lip gloss. I really can't wait for Fall I love all the layers, comfy knits, and tights, but until then i hope you enjoyed this look! ( the sweater and shoes are Forever21, the shorts are Abercrombie, the bangle is H&M, the watch is Betsey Johnson, and the ring and necklace are Tiffany and Co.)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Home sweet home!!

Yay! I just came home from Vegas a few hours ago! It was great we stayed at the Palazzo and i actually didn't do too much shopping (not including all the window shopping), alot of sightseeing, tons of walking, pictures taking, swimming, eating, sleeping, I got to watch the Blue Man Group show which was fantastic, and i went to the Mandalay Bay hotel to see the shark and fish exhibit! Also while i was there i got to pick up on few trends that im interested in! Im really loving the brights for Fall, i love the trench coats from Kate Spade and Juicy Couture, cozy knits from D&G, the great lace up booties from Aldo, and I love the preppy school girl look with tons of button downs, skirts, sweaters, and oxfords from Forever21and Urban Outfitters take on that trend. And as you may already know i have been shopping alot lately for back to school so I didn't do too much shopping in Vegas but I did buy a few things such as......

some nail polish from the biggest Forever21 in the world! The colors i chose were for my double personalities, the turquoise for my edgier fun side, and the pink for my preppy classic side. I got both pairs of shoes from Forever21 which was great cause they're both cheaper takes on some of my favorite Fall trends the oxfords and lace up booties, and lastly the keychain is just something i did in the car. I made 2 lanyards and added my rabbits foot, a Coach keychain, and a friendship bracelet. It's another Fall trend im loving you can see on some on the bags in TeenVogue cause its great for back to school and is a cute playful touch to any backpack or purse. I also went to the Mac store and im planning on buying this lipstick called Hellraiser from there new very glittery fun line. You should definitly check it out on the website it's a great playful color. So anyway I had a great time and I'm gonna go to sleep now cause i am soo tired and i miss my bed! I'll be sure to post tomorrow!